Solve your ebay account defects, late shipment, transaction issues


How to Order this service?

As services are handled on a case-by-case basis, you must contact us and discuss your situation with us before allowing you to order on our website. Thanks!



I will remove all sort of ebay account defects which are less than 90 days old such as Late-Shipment DefectsTransaction Defects, Defects due to cases resolved without seller resolution and will resolve all sort of ebay account related issues.

I will solve your negative eBay feedback and ebay account defects which are less than 90 days old and as quickly as possible in up to 72 hours and in some cases it might take longer

My Services:

Ebay account Defect Removal

Late Shipment Defects

Transaction Defects

Defects due to cases resolved without seller resolution.

Ebay account Negative Feedback Removal

Written appeal for account reinstatement.


The removal of ebay account negative feedbacks and defects is necessary to keep your account health in good shape and to become a top-rated