remove or fix amazon listing error code 5665 and approve gtin exemption


How to Order this service?

As services are handled on a case-by-case basis, you must contact us and discuss your situation with us before allowing you to order on our website. Thanks!



Amazon makes it tough to list Unbranded, Generic, and barcodeless products. Because they want to give the best experience to their customer, they are increasing these to keep away from the greedy seller.

If you want to sell generic or unbranded or barcodeless products with your private label Brand name or trademark brand Name, then you have Must approve GTIN Exemption. but the seller does not know how to approve it because Amazon is changing its policy over and over again. If you do not it correctly then you will face a Code 5665 error.

What I Need for it’s done!

You will only give your brand name and Live pictures of your product with Packaging Design for Approve gtin exemption and remove code 5665 error.

if you don’t have Permanent Affixed Packaging pictures of your Brand Name I will make it.

If you know the process of approve GTIN exemption but you do not have Live Packaging design images of your Brand Name, I also Provide only Packaging Images of your Brand name.